It’s back to work at Holdenhurst

30th June 2020

Holdenhurst hoardings cover

It’s back to work at Holdenhurst

Building continues at our new Extra Care development in Heathfield, East Sussex

Work is now continuing at Abbeyfield South Downs’ brand new development, Holdenhurst. Despite work slowing slightly due to the Covid-19 lockdown, all workers are back on site with the build continuing apace. 

Holdenhurst will be a 48-residence building, expected to be ready for Spring 2021. The development follows many years of planning and is an important site for Abbeyfield South Downs. With the head office for the group based at the location for some years, Abbeyfield South Downs is already part of the Heathfield community.

The roots of the development lie in social responsibility and the Abbeyfield ethos. The UK is facing a housing crisis for older generations, with a lack of affordable, suitable accommodation.

Housing crisis for older people

After years of housing policy focused on first-time buyers, RIBA is now calling on ministers to make it mandatory for all new homes to be accessible for older and disabled people and for councils to allocate sites for “age-friendly” housing.

  • The number of over-85s in the UK is set to increase from 1.6 million in 2018 to 3 million by 2043
  • Only 7% of existing UK homes meet basic accessibility requirements
  • Failure to plan for suitable housing will add pressure on health and care services

Abbeyfield South Downs wants to be part of the solution. The Holdenhurst development is another step forward, providing companionship, as well as affordable, suitable housing for the over 60s.

Enabling people to live independently improves health and wellbeing. In turn, this eases health and social care costs, with services easier to deliver.

Holdenhurst development

As one of our seven supported living houses across the South East, Holdenhurst is an exciting project. Building work started in August 2019, following many years of planning! The last five years have seen the Abbeyfield South Downs Board of Trustees work furiously to obtain planning consent and attract funding for the scheme.

With groundwork complete and foundations laid, the build is now at brick-laying stage. Development Director, Ian Thomas said;

“The build marks a major milestone in the evolution of Abbeyfield South Downs and the Abbeyfield movement in the South East. After so much planning it’s rewarding to actually see a building emerging from the ground!”

The Abbeyfield difference

Holdenhurst, along with our six other houses across the South East, provides companionship and independence. They offer community and support, which is so important, as modern families are often fragmented.

“People are living longer and families are spread farther apart as younger generations move around the country with their careers. This has increased the likelihood that older people will spend their last years alone.

Thankfully, better standards of living and improved healthcare mean that most people can look forward to an active and fulfilling life in older age. Older people want and deserve to retain independence as long as they can, and it’s great to help facilitate that and to do so at affordable rates.”

Nolan Taylor, Chief Executive

Living at home can get harder as we age. Choosing assisted living accommodation means that you can live on your own terms, independently, with a little support.

Our mission is about making life easier for our tenants. Home-cooked meals are provided each day, within safe, friendly houses. Tenants know that company and support are on-hand when they want it and are free to live healthier, happier and more independent lives.


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