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Independent living, on your terms

Making the decision to move is never an easy one. Before you can feel comfortably in control, you need all the facts; so sit back with a cuppa and let us shine the spotlight on life at Abbeyfield South Downs.

Independent living, with plenty of company

Loss of independence can be really hard to swallow, which is why we’re all about freedom and personal choice. A care home this is not. You won’t be sitting in your room, cut off from society (unless that’s what you really want – but with our communal living, we can’t imagine you would).

Our vivacious tenants are free to come and go as and when they like; the reason they come to us is for companionship, support, less isolation, and greater freedom than they’d have living alone.

I have a very nice flat overlooking the garden from which I can come and go as I please. All the food is provided for our meals, with a delicious cooked lunch in the dining room every day. There is a comfortable lounge with a television, and a conservatory opening onto the garden.

The staff are very friendly and helpful, as are all the people who live here. It is definitely the best of both worlds; if like me you want independence but also people around to be sociable with.”

Jane, Abbeyfield Tenant

And with prime locations in beautiful parts of the south, our tenants are never short of something to do – when we can all get back to doing!

Support in difficult times

The past 12 months have been difficult for everyone; at Abbeyfield South Downs we’re a sociable bunch, and we can’t wait to get back to mixing. But we’ve supported our tenants with friendly room service, high quality food (as always), and support from our House Staff when they need us. We’ve settled into a safe and happy routine, and we’re proud of being able to keep our spirit of community high, despite the challenges.

We encourage getting out for fresh air and exercise; having a nutritious home-cooked meal to keep you fighting fit; being part of a friendly community that inspires you to keep being you. And, when we’re not social distancing, really getting to know your neighbours, because life is better with friends.

Most of all, we encourage independent living and freedom to live life on your own terms, with support from us whenever you want it.

Putting your safety first

Because we’re not a care home, our wonderful staff weren’t on the register to receive the Covid vaccine. But, ever mindful of your safety, we lobbied our local MPs and success! All staff members in Abbeyfield South Downs East Sussex have now received their first dose of the vaccine.

If lockdown has been lonely, we don’t want you to feel stuck. Our houses are still open to new tenants, and we can promise a warm welcome, supportive staff, and the reassurance of living in a Covid secure home.

So, how are we keeping our brilliant tenants safe and happy?

  1. Home-cooked meals: You won’t need to worry about food shopping or deliveries, as delicious, nutritious meals will be provided every day.
  2. Family visits: You’re welcome to invite your visitors to your room, with one household visit at a time.
  3. Social contact: With 2-metre distancing, you can socialise with other tenants and arrange small events.
  4. Infection control: Hand sanitisers are available all around our houses, and we’re cleaning frequent touchpoints and communal areas regularly.
  5. PPE: All of our staff have been provided with PPE and will not enter your room without it.
  6. Staying connected: You’ll have a 24hr community alarm in case of emergency. We can also help you arrange WIFI and set up your own digital devices, or arrange video calling from our own equipment.
  7. Support if you must self-isolate: We’ll be there to check on you and provide meals to your room. You only need to stay safe and focus on keeping well.

Find out more

If you’d like to have a chat about moving into one of our houses, or you have any other questions, please contact 01435 866539 or email info@abbsd.co.uk for more information.