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A big thank you from our Hove residents

This year has been hard for everyone, especially if you feel isolated or lonely. Living in our houses means that you retain your independence but have a supportive team on hand too.

Two Abbeyfield South Downs residents from our Hove house have written thoughtful letters to thank our staff for their support during the pandemic.

‘Thanks for your fabulous support’

Leah from Hove

Leah wanted to thank our staff for their support this year.

“I would like to write this letter just to say thank you to all of the staff at Abbeyfield in Brighton, for their fabulous support during the lockdown and pandemic.

The kitchen staff, who brought our food to our rooms when we could not socialise, and the cleaners who kept our rooms lovely and clean, as well as the rest of the house.

Also Peta our Manager, who made sure everybody was doing what they were meant to be doing! I don’t think I would have survived mentally throughout these months without Peta’s support, and all of her team.”

‘We’ve always been a sociable bunch!’

Bill from Hove

Bill has also written a lovely letter of thanks to our team.

“When it became obvious in March 2020 that we were in for a difficult time with this virus most of us thought that it would be over quickly. No such luck. Abbeyfield quickly introduced safety measures which were easily followed and well-advertised.

The restrictions were a bit of a shock as we have always been a sociable bunch. However, most of us adapted to the situation and found various ways to keep in contact with family and friends. It was difficult but necessary.

As time went on, we settled into a routine as best we could. I missed the social contact in the dining room, but the friendly room service was good.

The management kept us up to date and fully informed in all matters. The house staff were brilliant, and I was well looked after, as were the other residents. Food remained at a high standard and the staff were very helpful and caring.

Hopefully things will improve soon but, in the meantime, thank you to all the staff, you have done a first-class job. And we still get wine with Sunday lunch!”

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