Five reasons Supported Living is a great choice for later life

Why choose Supported Living?

5 reasons why it’s a great choice for later life

Are you wondering if Supported Living might be the right fit for your loved one? There are many benefits, from companionship to hearty home-cooked meals. Supported Living is great for those who value independence, but also appreciate the reassurance of a little support.

Here is our round-up of why Supported Living can be a great option for both residents and their families.

Feel safe and secure

A key issue with living alone is safety; it’s easy to worry about falls and hoax or nuisance callers. Supported Living can feel more secure than living alone.

Abbeyfield communities offer support, safety, and independence – all in a homely environment, without the worry of maintaining a home. Each house has a secure entrance as well as your own front door, and a 24-hour on call system.

It’s reassuring to know that other people are around if you need them – to give advice, to talk to or help with any problems. House staff are present during the day, and additional personal alarm systems are offered as part of your tenancy within your own flat, giving you peace of mind.

Five reasons Supported Living is a great choice for later life

Ease loneliness

Often people may be afraid of losing touch with neighbours and friends when moving home. In fact, moving to a Supported Living house can help to ease loneliness, and is a great way to meet like-minded people.

There are plenty of opportunities to socialise, as often or as little as you like. Group activities such as keep fit, movie nights or scrabble provide the chance to stay active and engage with others. Simply having the opportunity to talk to somebody each day may be enough, whether it’s having a chat with the other residents, staff, or volunteers.

Enjoy home-cooked meals

Mealtimes at Abbeyfield provide a host of benefits, apart from the scrummy home-cooked food! Eating together is another good way to share company with neighbours, friends and family; and the option to dine together is always available.

Rotating menus provide a variety of nutritious food, so you can gain all of the good stuff without the time and hassle of preparing meals.

Five reasons Supported Living is a great choice for later life

Less maintenance

Owning your own home can be expensive and stressful. With the changing seasons may come gardening and maintenance costs, along with general upkeep and repairs.

If you’re current home feels too big, and you’re ready to downsize, Supported Living is a much easier-to-manage option. House maintenance of shared areas is managed by Abbeyfield staff, while help is on hand if you need assistance in your room. Cleaning and laundry facilities are available and in some houses these services can be arranged for you.

This means no worrying about breakdowns and faulty items, or having to find reputable trades people. In addition, this helps families too – spending less time on maintenance can free up more time for visits or outings.

Manage your budget

As an Abbeyfield tenant, you know the costs associated with your home. You can plan and manage your budget without unexpected heating costs or maintenance bills.

Tasty, home-cooked meals are provided alongside everyday housekeeping. All of your household utility and maintenance bills, as well as your council tax, are included in the cost. This gives you and your family peace of mind for a positive, safe and secure home.

Five reasons Supported Living is a great choice for later life
Supported Living – a great choice for later life