Poetry by Residents at Ridge House

Our recent blog suggested writing as a way to keep occupied during isolation. Perhaps a story or a poem, to tap into your creative side.

We’re delighted that some of our residents at Ridge House, St Leonards on Sea, took on the challenge. They have been busy writing poetry about life under lockdown.

Here is a thoughtful poem by resident Maureen;

“This virus has changed us, our normal way
Our everyday work, it has altered our day
Some at home, some of us at work
To save our friends
We pray for them, and those alone
And keep in touch with our phones
The time is nearing for it all to end if we
Keep to the rules that lay ahead.”

Maureen at Ridge House

Here are two touching poems by Anita;

“We cannot hear, we cannot see
The Coronavirus we fear
We awake each day, to hear sad news
That some people have passed away
Although doctors & nurses have treated people night and day
Coronavirus had its own way.”

“The sun is shining, Spring is here
Birds are singing everywhere
We count our blessings every day
Although Coronvirus is here
We must obey instructions, to avoid the invisible
And manage to live another Spring day.”

Anita at Ridge House

And finally, a message from the Ridge House Residents;

To all doctors, nurses and key workers, and all Abbeyfield management, house managers and staff.

“A big Thank You for your help and attendance both night and day
When suddenly Coronavirus came our way
The Beast we cannot see or hear but has become our latest fear.

We must now remain indoors to hopefully keep the Virus at bay
To survive and live to enjoy another sunny spring-like day.

Also that doctors, nurses and all key workers may keep well
To remember, sad to say, patients and friends who have passed away.

Also thank you to the scientists working hard to find a cure
So our lives may return to normal, soon as can be
Even though the memories will live on and remembered in history.

With a special thank you to Anna, our House Manager, and her staff.

Residents of Ridge House, St Leonards on Sea

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