Beamsley BBQ 2021 Header

Summer events in Hove and Eastbourne

Abbeyfield Week 2021

We enjoyed celebrating Abbeyfield Week in early June and held different events across our houses. This year’s theme was ‘Creating Conversations’.

In our Hove house, residents took part in a Sushi & Spring Roll making competition, serving the food up as part of a delicious buffet lunch. Tenants also enjoyed a few drinks and enjoyed ‘memories through music’ in the afternoon. We played a selection of music tracks (including a little Elvis!) that promoted happy thoughts, connections and conversations.

In Beamsley House, Eastbourne, residents enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon. A garden party with barbeque and good company was just the ticket for Creating Conversations!

We currently have places available at Abbeyfield House, Hove. If you’d like to find out more please Contact us, we’d love to chat!